Sarah Pepper's Social Distance Binge List

Movies, TV shows, and more!

March 16, 2020
Social binge

We all are spending a little more time inside with social distancing and events being canceled for the foreseeable future, so we want to share with you our "Social Distance Binge List" if you find yourself looking for something to binge.


Here is my list:

Frozen 2 - Disney did us all a solid and released Frozen 2 to Disney+ ahead of schedule. 

Frozen 1 - A classic, but warning, you'll get "Let It Go" stuck back in your head. 

Toy Story 1-3

Beverly Hills, 90210

Dawson’s Creek - I don't wanna wait!

Parks and Recreation

Schitt's Creek

Monsters Inc

Boy Meets World


Saved by the Bell but only the High School years!