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Adult Juice Boxes that you need by Franzia's

Summer time here we come! Franzia has created 'Little Franz' boxed wine. So instead of slapping the bag and having to share your wine, now you can have personal juice box to yourself. Sam from The Cage Show, boxed wine just got classier. Each one is 500 milliliters, which is about three glasses. A...
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96 Second News: Lori Loughlin Now Facing Money Laundering Charges; John Legend Gets Swim Lessons From Ryan Lochte

Apparently, there's even MORE to this college scandal than we realized.
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Sam from The Cage Show tries to pull off the 'Up Dog' prank call.

Sam Tries to Pull Off the "Up Dog" Prank Call

Sam from The Cage Show tries to pull off the "Up Dog" prank call.
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PRANK CALL: Cage Show Calls Burger Place To Audition for Drive Through

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The "Car Alarm Challenge" Might Be the Most Irritating Viral Challenge Yet

Here's a viral video challenge that's NOT going to get any more views from me. The newest thing people are doing on social media is the #CarAlarmChallenge . . . where you do your best imitation of a car alarm. Some people's videos are surprisingly good . . . but is successfully imitating one of the...
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Happy Opening Day! Minute Maid Unveils Crazy New Concession Item

Hey it's Intern Adrianna from the Cage show, Happy Opening Day!! If you love baseball then you'll love this, a new food item is hitting the concession stand at Minute Maid Park this Astros season. Batter up for the Frito Pie Chili Cheese Corn Dog! A Nolan Ryan Hot Dog wraped in Fritos corn chips...
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Caught On Nanny Cam-Ghost Walking Around Little Girls Crib

Spooky scary and caught on camera! Parents say ghost caught on camera scratched their little girl. Does it look like a ghost to you? Video of Baby monitor catches ghostly figure walking around girl's crib
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FYI-It's The Last Week To Get Pregnant If You Want Another Dependent For 2019

Hey it's intern Adrianna from the Cage Show, If your planning to put a bun in the oven… you better get to it! It’s the last week to get pregnant if you want a dependent before 2020. To claim a baby as a dependent, the baby must have been born during the current tax year. If your child wasn’t born...
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