Cage Show

Cage Show Replay: Her Guy Wants THIS at The Wedding

Cage thinks this is BRILLIANT.
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Cage Show Replay: Lady Laughs Like Goose When Excited

And the more she laughs, the more it makes her laugh.
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NRM: Guy On Live Shot Has Genius Plan to End Hurricanes

The news crew didn't screen their live shot.
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Cage Replay: Kid Asks Siri To Change Her Mom's Name to "Poop My Pants"

Kid Asks Siri To Change Her Mom's Name to "Poop My Pants"
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A New Type of Dating Uses PowerPoints About Why You Should Go Out With Their Friend

Is it possible to look SEXY over POWERPOINT? There's a new type of dating event where people get three minutes to do a PowerPoint presentation in front of a room of single people explaining why those people should date their single friend. The presentations use all the standard elements of...
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Video Shows Man Fall Onto Car at Dealership

Know who this guy is? It was raining dudes in Fort Myers and no one knows where he came from. Car dealer owner John Dileonardo was confused as heck when he walked out and found damage and a head-shaped dent in the roof of one of his cars. He pulled up the footage and was shocked to find a guy who...
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