Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week

Pet of the Week Jaybird

Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Adele

Adele was found roaming the streets with Beatrice,another dog we rescued who was found with a jar on her head.These dogs have been thru so much sadness and pain. She is about 1.5 years old,28 pounds and in good health.She is a young girl and has so much life left in her. When Adele was found she...
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Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Harry

Meet Harry! Harry was found wandering on a ranch looking for food. Harry was brought into Adore's program after not finding any microchip or owners. Harry is estimated to be about 2-3 years old and weighs 17 lbs. We are not sure about his breed, but he has fur that is similar to a Yellow Labrador...
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Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Clayton

Clayton needs a foster! or adopter! He will be going back to boarding tomorrow and he isn't happy there. Clayton is a lap dog! He is potty trained, and good with other pets and kids. He is a good, quiet boy that loves going for long walks and loves playing with his toys. If you can open your home...
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Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Cooper

Say Hello to Cooper! Beautiful Boy still looking for a home. He was all set to go to Seattle but the airline would not fly him because of his breed(ya...exactly what we are thinking..) Cooper is a big beautiful boy with a lot of energy. He knows some commands and does great on a leash. He is house...
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Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Biscuit

Meet Biscuit! This sweet girl was abandoned at an apartment complex and left outside to beg for scraps. ADORE was contacted to come out and they were able to get Biscuit, her puppy, and 2 other abandoned dogs to safety. Her pup has since been adopted, and Zeke (the father of the pup) and her are...
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Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Hoss

This beautiful boy is much more handsome in person than his pictures do him justice. Hoss was rescued by a wonderful woman who took care of him and reached out to ADORE to help find him a home. Hoss is more on the shy side when meeting new people, but once you scratch his ear just right he will be...
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Waylon Pic

Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Waylon

Waylon spent his whole life on a short chain in the sun, but that all changed the day we met him! Waylon is as happy as can be, he is friendly, gets along with all other dogs and loves meeting new people. He is curious about cats, but he has such a calm, happy attitude, we believe he is ok with...
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Pet of the Week Cici

Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Cici

On December 1, 2017, Cici was surrendered to ADORE. Her owners were not able to care for her and she needed medical attention ASAP. Her nails were so long it was hard for her to stand. She was covered in fleas and had a severe skin infection. Four months later, this girl looks and feels great! It...
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Penelope Pet of the Week

Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Penelope

Please meet Penelope. When we rescued her she was living outside in a kennel so small she couldn't lie completely down. The video shows Penelope in our office, still not used to the luxury of being able to sleep fully stretched out. Penelope has limited vision in one eye with a dent above it which...
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Lola Beauty

Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Lola Beauty

Lola Beauty is need of a loving place to call her own. She is dog and kid friendly but has not yet been tested with cats. She is 14 weeks old and about 14 lbs. She is a total love bug and is enjoying her time with her foster family. She is not yet fully house-trained but is doing well. She comes...
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