Sarah Pepper

Pepper Family Full Content Easter Egg Hunt

The Pepper family Easter egg hunt has evolved and changed over the course of the years. Of course as kids we hunted like normal kids. It wasn't until we started to reach our teenage years that it became more like the Hunger Games. My grandmother started to take the candy out of the eggs and started...
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Parenting For Real Brags

I don't have children so it's hard for me to gauge things. Then when I repeat what I read on Facebook some of my friends laugh cause they can't believe I was naive enough to fall for it. Like when I tell them I saw on Facebook that a woman said her baby is walking at 9 months or that a 2 1/2 year...
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Houston vs Chicago Over The Bean

Lauren Kelly had the story yesterday in 96 Second News about how Houston now has a new art installation was going downtown from the same person who did Chicago's famous "bean" Houston gets own version of Chicago 'bean' — KHOU 11 News Houston (@KHOU...
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Does Plastic Surgery Change A Marriage

Did you get plastic surgery after having kids? Would you? Gene called us this morning a problem because now that his wife has had their three kids she is talking about all the plastic surgery she wants to get. They had the discussion before they got married and he wasn't for it then and he's not...
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$50 For A Picture With The Easter Bunny?

How much is it to get your picture taken with the Easter bunny? Geoff took his three kids and said it was $50! That seems a bit high since when Sarah was little it was free at church cause "Uncle Phil" took all the photos on a Polaroid! Is that the new rate? Where did you get your kid's pics taken...
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Margaritas Lead To A Most Embarrassing Moment!

I don't get hit on often. Ever at all so when it happens I think it's very flattering. We were at an event this past weekend judging margaritas and it was later in the day and this really cute blue eyed guy kept looking over and smiling and I was certain he was waving at my best friend Elizabeth,...
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School Bus

Latest On The Bus Accident Carrying Channelview Students

Here's what we know right now.
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