Real Men Wear Pink In Benefit Of The American Cancer Society

Join Jason Cage in his efforts to raise funds and awareness.


People ask me why I'm participating in the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign. I have two answers. The first is obvious: I look good in pink.

The second requires a little more of an explanation but is just as simple: I want to help save lives from breast cancer. This year, it's estimated that more than 40,000 women will die from breast cancer. That's 40,000 too many. The American Cancer Society is helping lead the charge against breast cancer – and they're making great progress.

In 1990, the death rate from breast cancer nationwide was 33.2%. By 2012, it had dropped to 21.3%. That's pretty awesome.

I want to see that rate continue to drop and am excited to do my part to make that happen. I hope you will consider supporting me with a donation.  Or eat BURRITOS on Oct 19th! See below...

Thank you. - Jason Cage from The Cage Show

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And if you are a numbers person:

$25 could help provide a wig to a breast cancer patient in treatment
$35 could help provide two rides to and from treatment or a follow-up appointment for a cancer patient.
$100 could help provide a workshop to help women feel more empowered and confident in dealing with appearance-related side effects from treatment.
$150 could help provide a newly diagnosed cancer patient with a trained navigator to remove barriers and guide them through cancer treatment.
$500 could offer a cancer patient and their caregiver five nights of free lodging at an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge – a home away from home for patients who travel great distances for treatment.