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BREAKING: Daryl Morey stepping down as Houston Rockets general manager, reports say.

The Rockets are planning to promote executive vice president of basketball operations Rafael Stone to the role of general manager, according to ESPN.
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coiled snake with raised head

CRAZY VIDEO: Lady Has Snake Removed From Throat

The lady fell asleep under a tree!
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Coronavirus Insanity: COVID vs. Flatulence, Virtual Cuddle Sessions, and More

Here's a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .
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Ambition Peaks at Age 33 . . . Here Are the Ten Most Common Goals We Have

Are you more driven now than when you were younger? A recent poll found the average person hits peak ambition at age 33.
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The Boat from "Jaws" Is Being Rebuilt to Study Sharks

The boat from "Jaws" is being rebuilt, so it can research marine life around Martha's Vineyard . . .
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choking man

VIDEO: Choking Man Home Alone Runs To Neighbors House For Help

A choking man runs to a neighbors house with seconds to live.
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If the World was Ending

WATCH: JP Saxe, Julia Michaels & Friends - If The World Was Ending (In Support of Doctors Without Borders)

Who isn't in this video!? A huge group of singers come together to sing for a great cause.
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Cage takes on Chase in a laugh-you-lose battle of Dad Jokes

A Friday tradition on The Cage Show at 5:25p
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Every State's Favorite Romantic Comedy

It's almost Valentine's Day, which is our annual reminder that EVERY couple is made up of one person who LOVES romantic comedies, and one person who...suffers.
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The Internet Figured Out the Top Noises That Makes Us Cringe

Someone on Reddit asked people to name everyday sounds that make them cringe.
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