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The 10 Most Uplifting Songs, According to Science

A neurologist conducted a study to create a list of the most UPLIFTING songs.
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Cage Show: The Pickle Lady Video

Say hey to Pickle Lady! She has over 400K followers who love the sound of her eating pickles.
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Dancing Kid

The Dancing Kid Video The Cage Show Can't Stop Watching

Careful, you will replay this 60 times.
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Chicken Nugget

A Woman Smashes Up a Popeyes When She Gets Their $4 Meal Confused with Wendy's

A woman went to a Popeyes in New York earlier this month and ordered their $4 meal . . . but apparently, she got it confused with Wendy's $4 meal,
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Gender Balloon

A Little Boy Ruins his Moms Gender Reveal Balloon Surprise

A little boy gets too excited playing with a toy sword and ruins Mom's big surprise!
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9 Year Old Girl

Your Life Peaked at Age Nine . . .

The best age of our lives was NINE, according to a new survey. Plus the 10 things you miss about childhood.
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stun gun

A Mom Used a Taser on Her Son to Wake Him Up For Church

She couldn't get her 16-year-old son to wake up for the church, so she zapped him!
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A couple breaking up

A Guy Wanders Into a Police Station For Help Breaking Up with His Girlfriend .

I'm not sure if this is necessarily GOOD police work, but it's definitely serving the community. A 34-year-old guy in Ludwigshafen, Germany went into a police station on Tuesday with a problem: He wanted to break up with his girlfriend and he didn't know how. So he was hoping the cops could help...
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Martha Stewart

PIC: Young Martha Stewart Looking Saucy!

If you haven't been to Martha Stewarts Insta, you may not realize it's much more than just pics of buns and pastries. Martha used to be a MODEL to put herself through college (true story) and also worked as a paralegal for a bit. She didn't crank up the catering business that put her on the map...
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Stay Calm! A Cheetah Jumped Into an SUV on a Safari

There's a video of a cheetah that jumped into the back seat of an SUV on a safari in Africa. It's inches away from a guy in the front seat who stays perfectly still and keeps his eyes forward as the cheetah sniffs around, but doesn't attack. Another cheetah jumped on the hood and hung out there for...
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