All The Feels

"Shorty" the pug...who's missing his owner is giving us ALL THE FEELS!
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This Woman Taught Her Dog To Respond To Harry Potter Themed Commands

Wingardium Leviosa!
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Lauren Kelly's Neighbor Is Trying To Get Her Evicted!

Look at this RUDE LETTER her neighbor wrote and left on her door!
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DAWWW: Kid Plays Fetch Over Fence With Neighbor's Dog

This is as cute as it gets. A toddler plays a game of fetch with the neighbor's dog, who's on the other side of a wooden fence. The toddler throws the ball over, the dog catches it and then drops it back over because it's the kid's turn. A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new...
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[Video] K-9 Officer Learns CPR

How can you NOT love dogs!
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A nice stranger on a flight and a viral dog selfie are giving you all the feels!
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Penelope Pet of the Week

Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Penelope

Please meet Penelope. When we rescued her she was living outside in a kennel so small she couldn't lie completely down. The video shows Penelope in our office, still not used to the luxury of being able to sleep fully stretched out. Penelope has limited vision in one eye with a dent above it which...
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What Would Your Dog's Dating Profile Be?

If your dog had a dating profile pic what would it be?
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Mix 96.5 Pet Of The Week - Hedwig

Hedwig is 14 years old but has a heart of a young pup! This one is a tough one{*}— Dorian Valenzuela (@RadioDorian) February 3, 2018 He is quiet the dare-devil who is adventurous and naughty.He still has a lot f life left in him and he knows it. He was surrendered by his owner's because Hedwig was...
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