96 Second News: What Matt LeBlanc Stole From 'Friends' Set; Bradley Cooper Joins Lady Gaga On Stage

Which two things do you think 'Joey' kept from the "Friends" set?
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96 Second News: Netflix Paid Big Bucks To Keep 'Friends'; Kevin Hart To Host 2019 Oscars

Fans threatened to cancel Netflix accounts if they didn't keep 'Friends'...
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David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer Has The Perfect Response To The Thief That Looks Like Ross From 'Friends'

No one told him life was gonna be this way
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Anne-Marie talks Ed Sheeran, Marhsmello, her Ninjas and more in this exclusive interview.

EXCLUSIVE: Anne-Marie Calls Ed Sheeran Her Brother, Throws It Back to Summer Of "2002"

We asked the "FRIENDS" singer and songwriter to describe her friendship with Marshmello, as well as with Ed Sheeran and her Ninajs!
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All The Feels

Giving you ALL THE FEELS for today!
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Jennifer Aniston

How You Doin? Jennifer Aniston Considers A Return To ‘Friends’

“I fantasize about it” says Aniston
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