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VIDEO: Police Looking for Man Living In Ceiling Of Grocery Store for Weeks

Cops are looking for a man that has been living in the rafters of a grocery store for weeks, only coming down to steal stuff.
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A Wedding Is Called Off When Their Parents Eloped Instead

Well, at least SOMEONE got a romantic fairytale ending from this wedding.
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Houston Texans

There's a Calculator That Determines How Long It Takes Athletes to Earn Your Salary

There's a depressing online calculator that will show you how quickly athletes earn your annual salary.
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Amish hat

Cops Bust a "Large Amish Party" and Make 38 Arrests

The cops in Indiana busted a, quote, "large Amish party" over the weekend . . . with more than 250 people.
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Cage Show Friday Dad Joke Off! Dec 6th

Dec 6th edition of The Cage Show Friday Dad Joke Off!
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AUDIO: Cage Show Dad Joke Off Replay Nov 8th 2019

It's a Friday tradition on The Cage Show. If you laugh, you lose.
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The Trick To Getting a Yes When Asking For A Favor

This little hack could help you get a YES when asking someone for a favor.
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Breast Cancer: Help Jason Cage Raise Funds to Save Lives

The Real Men Wear Pink Campaign is in full swing. A few bucks goes a long way for women battling breast cancer.
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Pizza Hut Has Created Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

It's like fast food chains and snack food brands had a giant party and now we're seeing the babies that were made. There was the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell, the Cheetos Sandwich at KFC, and now there's this . . . Pizza Hut just announced it's teamed up with Kellogg's to create a new CHEEZ-IT...
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Cage Show Replay: Her Guy Wants THIS at The Wedding

Cage thinks this is BRILLIANT.
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