You Had One Job!

We're bringing you this week's biggest FAILS from all over the world!
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All The Feels

A man who turned in $17,000 after finding it in a brown paper bag is giving us ALL THE FEELS!
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You Had ONE JOB!

We're bringing you the biggest FAILS of the week!
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Whose Money Is It?

When it comes to "unexpected money". Who's money is it?
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If You Found A Wallet. Would You Return It?

If you found a wallet with cash in it. What would you do? Honestly, what would you do? Would you return it? Would you keep? Would you even tell anyone? Click here to see the video of a guy who left wallets all over the place to find out WHO would return the wallets. Think about, honestly, what...
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Loaded Louis

Loaded Louis With The Morning Mix Presented By Metro PCS

Houston's Best Variety has what you need, a BRAND NEW Louis Vuitton purse. Listen to The Morning Mix at 8AM weekday mornings and be caller 96 to win a Loaded Louis Vuitton Purse. Each purse will be loaded with: Ø Certificate for a teeth whitening- Montz and Maher Dental Group Ø Massage Heights GC Ø...
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